Mohabbat Ke Liye Isme Azam Ka Amal In Urdu

Mohabbat Ke Liye Isme Azam Ka Amal In Urdu

Mohabbat Ke Liye Isme Azam Ka Amal In Urdu ,” Yadi kisi ka mahbub koshish ke babjud bas me n aata ho or talib preshan ho chuka ho to is isme aajm dwara jrur kamyabi hogi or keval tin din ke andar andar mahbub gulam ho jayega bsharte ki niyat jaynj ho. Isme aajam yah hai –  “या  बदुदू”

Iska trika yah hai ki puri paki ke sath ek pyala sharbat jisme kevda v gulab dala gya ho teyar kare or jumrat ke din aastr ki namaj ke samay kible ki or rukh karke baithe. Aankhen band karke mahbuba ka khyal dil me kare ki jaise vah samne baitha ho yah n soche ki vah gayab hai. Tab ek hjar char bar is ism aajm ko pde or pahle v bad me 21 – 21 bar drud sharif padhe. Iske bad is sarbat ko matlub svay pi le. Is isme aajam or drud sharif ko padne ke bad is sarbat par dam kare or piye. Insha allaah usi din mahbub seva me hajir ho jayega.


In English:

If anybody does not come in the bus without trying to do Mahbub and Talib is disturbed, then this will surely be successful by Azam and within three days, Mahbub will be enslaved provided provided that it is justified. There is aham here – “ya bdu du”

The method of this is to prepare a cup of curry with a whole curry in which the Kevada and rose have been prepared and on the day of Zuma, on the day of martyrdom, the Qibla and the other sitting. Close the eyes and take care of Mehbooba in the heart as if she is sitting in front of it, do not think that she is missing. Then one thousand four times fell to this ISM, and read before and after 21 – 21 times Sheriff Sharif. After this the meaning of this syrup is drunk. After this Azam and Rauddh Sharif fall on this syrup and drink it. Insha Allah will be present in Mahabob service on that day.

This Amal is 100 % effective but before do this Amal confirm with us with right way.

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